Makeup Brush Set 15pcs Multicolor Colourful Makeup Brushes


1.Run the bristles of the brush under cold water. a drop of makeup cleanser
3.Swril brush in water and gently massage the bristle
4.Rinse with clean water and carefully squeeze the water out
5.Reshape and let it dry upside down
6.please avoid touching the water directly with a wooden handle or bamboo handle during the whole cleaning process

Product Category: Makeup Brush
Number of brushes: 15
Brush material: Man-made fiber
Brush type: Opp
Brush handle material: Plastic
Brush handle specifications: Long rod
Hair length specification: 0.5-3.5cm
Total length specification: 15-18cm
Brushing process: Arc corrugated process

Package Content

1* Makeup Brush Set  

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