Car health massage cushion


red wine electric lumbar OPP bag + paper card red line, white line [product size]: 30*34*10CM

[Material]: Microfiber + Memory Cotton It's designed to provide maximum comfort and support, with a memory foam base and ultra-plush microfiber surface. Its adjustable strap and self-inflating settings let you customize your massage experience.

1, according to the human body mechanics, the front with a large number of original massage cylinder, built-in vibration starter, leaning on the waist, with massage function, is conducive to human blood circulation. 2, using physiotherapy design, correcting the back seat posture, and maintaining the relaxation of the waist when sitting for a long time. 3, connected to the car DC 12V power supply, the vibration speed of the lumbar support can be freely adjusted, with a line control switch. 4, the product is equipped with elastic band, can be directly placed on the seat, easy to use. 5, cigarette lighter line length of 1.5 meters, for all models. It is comfortable to sit for long periods of time, as it provides ergonomic lumbar support and relieves stress on the spine. With an adjustable vibration speed, users can customize the massage for their own needs. Additionally, this product is conveniently portable and can be used in any model with the included 1.5 meter cigarette lighter line.

【Product Features】:

1. Boost blood flow and speed up the body's metabolic rate.

2, Incorporate a far-infrared heating film, providing warmth.

3, Stimulate the body's meridians, easing muscle tension.

4, Utilize therapy-based design to restore back seat posture, maintaining the waist when seated for extended periods.

[Microfiber skin features]:

Microfiber leather looks most like real leather, is more uniform in thickness, tear-resistant, and color-bright. Use high-grade gas or water to clean and avoid organic solvents or alkaline substances. 200,000 times normal-temp. folding, 30,000 low-temp. w/o cracks. Moderate elongation, strong tear/peel strength; non-polluting, env. friendly. Ensure install does not affect driving.

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